Great book. My wife really enjoyed it

Harry Potter hits Belgium Harry Potter fans can plunge into the magical world of wizards thanks to a touring exhibition dedicated to the film franchise opening in the Belgian capital. Visitors can experience first-hand what life at wizarding school Hogwarts is like by wandering through the Gryffindor’s common room, strolling through the so-called Forbidden Forest or just by sitting in gamekeeper Hagrids’ huge chair in the rustic-style hut. Peter Monballieu, press officer for the exhibition, says the show was a success ev
American Airlines reaches interim deal to hike ground staff wages (Reuters) – American Airlines Group Inc said it had reached an interim agreement with a labor union to raise wages for about 30,000 of its ground staff, effective immediately.
Remote control : LoRa offers a cheaper link to the Internet of Things LAUNCESTON, Australia, (Reuters) – The future of communications may be 5G, where mobile networks push bandwidth-heavy video to phones and pull data from self-driving cars,but some firms see an alternative: farm irrigation equipment, donation boxes and oysters, connected by a technology called LoRa.

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Package arrived in great condition, and I